About Aariaz Chemicals

Aaraiz Chemicals has been working nationally from almost 10 years. Aaraiz Chemicals deals not only in washing chemical but also has a vast manufacturing experience through which it is providing all kind of washing and laundry product to many well known companies and hotels. Aaraiz Chemicals started its first unit from Multan Region but its office are established in Multan, Lahore and Islamabad. Anyone Dealing with Aaraiz Chemicals can have an opportunity to get Raw Chemicals from it as Aaraiz Chemicals has get an excellent grip and control of all kind of washing raw material. Many of Araiz Chemicals Products are diversified and are being used at home as well as industry level.
The most noteworthy thing about Aaraiz Chemicals is that all its products are authentic and certified not only this but Aariaz Chemicals has its best Business Management Team that manages what Aaraiz chemicals is dealing with. This Team chosen worker who have made Aaraiz Chemicals fullfill all kinds of order related to our company.
Our Products can Tackle the stubborn cleaning jobs because the formulation our Team is making with, Great and according to the standards of international Standards. We have a wide range of cleaning chemicals from floor cleaner upto bathroom cleaner and from surf upto liquid soap, and from detergent upto dishwash soap. Same is the case with cleaning tools that ranges from window cleaning supplies, Dispenser, brushes, sponges, scoring Pads, Wiper,
Mops, Brooms upto Garbage Buckets.Our Team continuously source and check the latest cleaning product to make sure that we have the latest range of innovation. We always try to satisfy our client economical needs as well as cleaning needs. We deal both thing parallel and smartly. We offer all hotels, Marriage Halls, Hospitals, Nursing Department Schools, Banks and commercial Offices our full range of cleaning stuff.

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