Aaraiz Chemicals Quality that Surpass

We proudly manufacture and present our Quality Products.

Cleano Dish Wash


Dish Washing Liquid is for an efficient wash and through cleaning pots and panes, glassware and silver. of charge...Detail

Cleano Disinfectant Surface Cleaner


Cleano Disinfectant Surface Cleaner is Powerful against all kind of germs including bacteria's and viruses....Detail

Cleano Insect Killer Powder


Insect Killer Powder that is useful for killing all kind of  insect..Detail

Cleano White Phynile


White Phynile also act against Germs and gives long lasting Freshness for offices, kichens floors with shining glow.Detail

Cleano Sweeper


Drain Opener, Blockage, Germs Killer, Clean Commodes and WCS, Stain Removers, Bathroom Cleaner.Detail

Cleano Commode Cleaner


Disinfectant Toilet Cleaner 100% stains remover is the perfect solution for all types of germs...Detail

Cleano Glass Cleaner


contains an instant action formula that not only removes dust, grease and hand marks from your glass surfaces but also makes it glowing shiny..Detail

Cleano Bleach


is an effective agent for cleaning blemishes and grease marks by maintaining quality of cloth..Detail


The Chemical Company AARAIZ  is a national chemical distribution Company founded by CEO Zubair Alam in 2005 from Multan Pakistan. AARAIZ CHEMICALS was built on a foundation of integrity and ethical business practices designed to foster steady growth supported by a dedicated long-term workforce.

Functioning as a flat organization, the AARAIZ CHEMICALS sales team, customer service representatives, and executive board has equal authority to make decisions and enact change. This policy, not usually adopted by larger companies, allows AARAIZ CHEMICALS to efficiently expedite orders, quickly distribute valuable information, and integrate the products in day-to-day activities


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